How to make an enemy a friend in BitLife

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For this week’s BitLife challenge, you need to rebuild a bridge. Not literally, of course, but metaphorically.  As a part of the Death Note Challenge in BitLife, you are supposed to convert one of your co-workers into enemies and again back to friends. Making friends is easy. You just need to spend time with a  coworker until they like you. When you first start your job, pick your various coworkers and use the options in the Occupation tab to be chummy with them. Pay them compliments and other small gestures to make them like you.

Once that’s done, it’s time to do the exact opposite. You now need to make them hate you. This will involve basically the same process, but instead, you need to pick Insult and other negative options. Finally, you will know when they’ve become an enemy when their status is updated inside the Relationships tab. Once you’ve made someone into an enemy, it can take time to make them a pal again.

How to make an enemy a friend in BitLife

The third and final step in this process is the most annoying one. This process can take some work, and you have to get a little lucky. You need to have them listed as an enemy for this to work.

You will be able to find them inside the Relationships menu, and then pick their name to get various options to spend time with them. You will want to try and make amends with them over time by talking to them and taking them out on the town. Try giving them gifts as well. Spend time with them, going to parties and such, and your relationship will slowly improve. Over time, as you engage with the person more, you will get a more positive rapport with them. So just keep plugging away at trying to be pals with them, and it should work out eventually.

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After befriending, you will be able to access a special option inside the Relationships tab under their name. But first, you need to make them more friendly to you. Once the relationship bar with them fills, you can become their friend with them using the Befriend option. Once you have improved the relationship with your target character to the correct value, press the Change our Status button. Swap the status from Best Friends to Enemies.

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