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Focus Home Interactive and Enodo Games announce unique city-builder The Architect: Paris

The Architect: Paris Announced by Enodo Games

Focus Home Interactive is partnering with Enodo Games to bring a new twist to the genre of city management and building games with the The Architect: Paris. As the name suggests, this game is all about the City of Lights.

The unique element to this is that while the game has all the typical elements of a city-builder with customization in mind, the focus is entirely on one city. So unlike games like Cities: Skylines where the player can create infinite versions of many different cities, The Architect: Paris wants you to create infinite versions of one of the most iconic cities on the planet.

The Architect: Paris does still contains much of the social, political and economic aspects of dealing with city management fans of the genre would expect, the twist of focusing on building one dream city adds a new layer of creative challenges. The game even allows players to craft and customize individual buildings, so you can design entire neighborhoods with their own unique themes and styles. It’s a pretty cool mechanic for gamers who like to obsess over minor details in city-builders.

Focus Home Interactive’s Production Director Luc Heninger also discussed how The Architect: Paris makes them incredibly excited:

“We are delighted to partner with Enodo Games. With The Architect: Paris, they’re bringing a title that fits perfectly with the Focus Home Interactive catalog, as it goes far beyond the classical borders of its genre. We are always happy to work with ambitious partners developing innovative and fun concepts, and that’s exactly what Enodo Games is doing here.”

The Architect: Paris currently has no firm release date, but I do know it’s in development for PC. So PC gamers who are fans of games like Cities: Skylines should start getting excited. You can learn more about the game by watching the trailer below, or by stopping over at the official site.

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