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Check out these new Illusionist-themed MTX effects in Path of Exile

POE Illusionist Set Expands

With the launch of Path of Exile 3.7 and the Legion patch, gamers have been eagerly digging into the Timeless Conflict and the five Legions trapped within. And although it’s been tons of fun ripping these new (or are they old?) foes apart, some parts of the POE community are just keen to play dressup with their Exile avatars.

And to aid players in that quest for the shiniest and prettiest dolls, Grinding Gear Games has offered a bunch of new microtransaction (MTX) effects in the cash shop on the game’s site for players to peruse. Not only did the developer introduce a new Frontier Mystery Box with a bloody Western theme, there’s also a new Illusionist set of MTX effects which look quite crisp.

Today, that Illusionist set was expanded with three new additions.

There’s the Portal Effect, which offers a glowing pyramid in place of the standard blue portal effect. The pyramid shape is quite unique, and it pulses with sickly green hues that look more than a little menacing.

Then there’s the Illusionist Cyclone skill effect, which causes the Cyclone skill to radiate green destructive energy waves. this blue and gold mix looks quite trippy.

And finally there is the Illusionist Aura Effect, offering a similarly bluish and gold tint to the players Aura skills and causes these effects to pulse with colored particles. It almost looks ghostly in appearance, and it’s quite cool to behold.

In other news, GGG also recently deployed the 3.7.1 bugfix patch to the game, which you should all download so you can keep playing.

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