How to farm Spectral Husk, Heart, and Nucleus in Genshin Impact

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The Spectral Husk, and several other crating materials, are a part of a special recipe in Genshin Impact. With the new content added around the Inazuma region, players have new enemies to fight, and treasure to hunt. There are many new items to find as drops from various enemies, this includes Spectral Husk, Heart, and Nucleus drops.

To get Spectral Husk, Heart, and Nucleus, you need to farm Specters. Specters are a new enemy found in the Inazuma region, mainly on Watatsumi Island and Seirai Island. Upon killing these Specters, you can get Common Ascension materials and a handful of other items. You need to hunt these items down by killing Specters on the new continent.

You can use the map below to find the potential Specter spawns. You need to bring them down a few times to get the drops, but it’s very easy to just run a loop around sections of the island. Just hunt specters are the spawns marked below and gather up plenty of ascension materials. There are 111 Specters on Watatsumi Island and Seirai Island, and they tend to spawn all over. The southern and central islands have the best concentration, usually by the water.

Where to to farm Spectral Husk, Heart, and Nucleus in Genshin Impact

You can increase the rarity of your drops by using certain World Levels. The higher tier materials need to be farmed at higher levels, with level 60 being the best for the most rare of these items.

  • Specter Below Level 40
    • Tier 1—Spectral Husk
  • Specter Above Level 40+
    • Tier 1—Spectral Husk
    • Tier 2—Spectral Heart
  • Specter Above Level 60+
    • Tier 1—Spectral Husk
    • Tier 2—Spectral Heart
    • Tier 3—Spectral Nucleus
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Also, you can use alchemy to get the higher-tier items as well. It’s a good idea to keep some Husks on hand as extras in case you don’t want to farm the higher world tiers. Use the recipes below to convert the tier 1 material into higher tiers.

  • x3 Spectral Husk + 25 Mora = x1 Spectreal Heart
  • x3 Spectral Heart + 50 Mora = x1 Spectral Nucleus
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