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I Hate Running Backwards shows off chaotic gameplay in new trailer

I Hate Running Backwards Launch Trailer

I Hate Running Backwards is out now, bringing some insane and gory action to console and PC gaming fans who just want to blow crap up. Binx Interactive and Devolver Digital have brought us a chaotic and frantic new game that lets us do some really weird stuff.

The game uses a unique art style to get it’s strange style across. All in all, it makes the gameplay strangely more appealing. The gameplay itself even plays with your expectations. Being that it’s a top-down shooter, there’s a slight twist that throws everything into wackiness. Instead of advancing up the screen from the bottom, your character of choice is positioned at the top of the screen and as it scrolls upwards forcing them to run in reverse.

This subtle change makes it incredibly easy for the game to mess with you in other ways. Players have to keep moving and have their head on a swivel to stay alive. The game constantly throws legions of randomly generated enemies at you by the dozens and you’re gonna have to blast your way out. Luckily for you there’s an entire arsenal of crazy explosives, guns and other weaponry to do just that with.

Another cool aspect of the game is that there’s a whole roster of heroes to fool around with. Hotline Miami’s Richard, Shadow Warrior’s Lo Wang, Bro Force’s incarnation of classic action hero Rambo, Serious Sam and many more feature in this title. So that’s pretty cool.

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I Hate Running Backwards is available now for Nintendo Switch. It can also be picked up on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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