How to Reset and Respec Talents in Icarus

How to get Iron in Icarus

Icarus, the latest survival game from Dean Hall, is quite popular. it has been in beta for a while, and has recently hit a full release. You can explore various biomes, research new techs, and build complex settlements. That might not sound like a lot, but the game has surprising depth to it. Players are finding that you can go from simple campfires, all the way to refrigeration. It’s possible to get quite advanced. And thanks to the beasts, lethal weather and more challenges, there’s plenty of dangers to face.

One thing that players are curious about is how the talent system works. As you gain levels, you spend Talent Points to unlock various bonuses. It’s possible to improve crafting efficiency, and make yourself more effective in combat. But as is often the case with these systems, some players make bad choices. There are plenty of players wondering how to respec Talents in Icarus.

How to Reset and Respec Talents in Icarus

When you want to play with your friends in multiplayer Icarus, be warned, because there’s a major problem. You cannot actually respec Talents in Icarus. Not at all, yes, really. Not only does the talent and skill tree have an intricate series of prerequisites to fulfill, but it’s possible to render parts of it useless. This really does seem like bad design.

One of the things to remember is that because of the way the game is designed, some Perks won’t work in multiplayer. There is an entire section of the perk tree designed for Solo play. These Perks provide no benefit in multiplayer and are effectively disabled. Unfortunately, you cannot reset your Talents and skills in Icarus as of right now. Hopefully, this gets patched in at some point.  If you plan to play with your pals, it might be a good idea to make new characters to play in dedicated multiplayer games, if you can.

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Given that this is a multiplayer game with up to 8 players per game, that should be done soon. It really feels like a major oversight not to have that ability. At the very least, it should be patched in as a server option in multiplayer.

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