How to get an enemy named Ursula in BitLife

How to complete the Under the Sea Challenge in BitLife

The week is over, and it’s time for the weekend to get into full swing. That means gamers all across the globe are hopping in to get things done. This week, BitLife has another new challenge on deck. This week’s challenge is a pretty simple one, once you know what to do. The Under the Sea Challenge in BitLife is new this week, things are getting wet and wild, and you’re going deep into the sea. There are a bunch of steps to this challenge, and it’s going to be a bit of a mess to get it done. These are all the tasks you will need to complete in the Under the Sea Challenge.

Notice that one with a named enemy, that’s kind of hard to do if you don’t plan.

How to get an enemy named Ursula in BitLife

The normal and seemingly intended way to go about this is to get a random NPC named this name and then make them an enemy. That’s going to take way too much luck to have happen organically.

This is where the God Mode addon will really help you out. Finding an NPC with the Ursula name is really dependent on RNG, which can take a long time. Alternatively, another good way to go about this is to have a child, naming them Ursula and becoming enemies with them. Just get married according to the main guide and marry royalty—then name your child to finish things off.

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To make someone an enemy in this game, try clicking on them in the Relationships tab, this is easier if they’re your kid or already a friend. Choose the insult or Prank options, and hopefully you do enough damage to their Relationship meter that they make you an enemy. Keep insulting them and you should have the event fire eventaually.

Enemies in BitLife will sometimes go out of their way to mess with you, so expect random events that might screw with your plans from time to time.

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