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God of War is getting New Game+ soon

God of War New Game Plus Mode

Sony Santa Monica has announced that the God of War New Game+ mode is in the works, and will roll out for PlayStation 4 on August 20. The update is free for everyone by the way. We covered this update back in June, and it’s finally coming at the end of the month. So it’s time to gear up for a new journey, and a whole new round of dad memes, boy.

Just like any New Game+ mode ever, this update will allow you to replay a more difficult version of the base game, but while keeping all your gear and unlocks in place. All the levels will largely be the same, but everything in those levels could change. Enemies will have more health and new abilities, and there will be more of them. The game will also offer stronger gear upgrades and abilities as compensation for repeat runs. So it’s not entirely just about the challenge, you actually get a tangible reward for your time invested.

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And this New Game+ update isn’t just about replaying the game on a harder mode either. The patch will add in the ability to auto-skip cutscenes you’ve seen already on new playthroughs. Although I loved most of these scenes because of all the characters quirks and jokes, I’m sure after watching them a second or third time, they would be tiresome. So good on the devs for implementing this.

And this isn’t the first time Sony has beefed up God of War with new features. They’ve added and then enhanced Photo mode in previous patches for example

God of War is available now for PS4.

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