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New Game+ coming to God of War

God of War New Game Plus Mode

During the Sony press conference intermission at E3 2018, it was revealed by President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment America Shawn Layden, that the AAA smash-hit God of War would be getting a New Game Plus mode. The mode will be added as a free patch, no release date confirmed as of yet though.

These modes are pretty common in highly replayable RPGs like Dark Souls, wherein the player can replay the game from the beginning with a much higher level of difficulty. The reward aside from the thrill of the challenge is usually more powerful item drops in-game, and achievements or trophies out of game.

Have you ever imagined that first test of strength defying battle with Baldur while adorning the Valkyrie Armor on Kratos? You can with New Game+. How about a fully upgraded Leviathan Axe at the start of the game? That will also be possible, and quite frankly, you may need it, New Game+ won’t just be a sunny stroll through Midgard. In New Game+, you’ll start a new game with many upgrades you had from the completion of your last main quest, such as armors, pommels, talismans, and more…except your strength to open or kick down doors remains the same.

You can find New Game+ on other titles like Dishonored 2 and Horizon Zero Dawn. You can find more details about the new mode on the Playstation Blog now.

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