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How to get a Necramech in Warframe

Necramech in Warframe

As the new Heart of Deimos update proliferates across the stars in Warframe, players are uncovering the newest powerup that’s being given to them. The new Necramech in Warframe is an operator addon that works in tandem with the Amp to add more power to the most powerful psyonic abilities a player has in the game. The Necramech is something that’s unlocked alongside the Amp, although you will need to put some more work in.

Necramechs are a powerful tool for the Operator, but also an imposing foe. On the new planet of Deimos, you will find them prowling around as bipedal nightmares. You will occasionally find broken wrecks of Necromechs as you are out exploring Cambion Drift, the new open world that was introduced on Deimos.

You must first unlock the new questline in the update, which means you need to find the Necraloid Syndicate. Head into the new hub world on the planetoid and start poking around, eventually, you will find what you’re looking for. Be on the lookout for Loid.

How to unlock the Necramech in Warframe

You can find the Necraloid Syndicate through a secret door that will open only when you are in Operator form. You can find this door in the wall between Daughter and Mother in the Necralisk. That means you first need to engage with and complete the War Within, then you can engage with the new content in Heart of Deimos.

To rank up with the Necraloids, you need to use Orokin Matrices that can be earned by doing a special Underground Bounty quest. Completing this and gaining ranks will start to unlock various parts for the new machine. Get enough parts and Standing, and you can get your own fully functioning death machine. Talk to Loid in the Syndicate area to trade in any trophies for Standing, and eventually, you will get the items you need unlocked.

There are three types of Orokin Matices that can be earned from completing Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 Isolation Vaults:

  • Orokin Orientation Matrix – 1000 Standing
  • Orokin Ballistics Matrix – 2500 Standing
  • Orokin Animus Matrix – 5000 Standing
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You will then need to use these Matrices to unlock each tier of the three ranks of Standing you need to build the Necramech. Below, you will find the breakdown of all the components you need to farm to get these items and ranks. You will also need to farm for Family Tokens for this process.

Level 1 – Agnesis

  • 5,000 Standing
  • 20 Father Tokens
  • 1 Zymos Blueprint
  • 150 Void Traces
  • 10 Orokin Orientation Matrix

Level 2 – Modus

  • 22,000 Standing
  • 20 Father Tokens
  • 1 Sepulcrum Blueprint
  • 250 Void Traces
  • 15 Orokin Ballistic Matrix

Level 3 – Odima

  • 44,000 Standing
  • 20 Father Tokens
  • 1 Trumna Blueprint
  • 350 Void Traces
  • 15 Orokin Animus Matrix

When you finish building your first Necramech, you will get a Necramech Summon Gear that you can equip to your Gear Wheel. You can then use this item like a Support Charge to call in a Nechramech during battle.

The Necramech in Warframe also has some very unique abilities attached to it. Each one works in its own unique way, and they’re designed to give the wearer unique abilities akin to that of Warframes.

Ability 1: Necraweb
By launching a canister of fluid across the map, you can use it to entangle and slow various enemies with an AoE attack. You can also launch the can into the air to shoot it mid-air and cause a fiery explosion.

Ability 2: Storm Shroud
This ability gives the Necramech a layer of defense that’s entirely unique. By coating the mech in a fine chemical mesh, any attacks that hit the mech will damage the source.

Ability 3: Gravemines
Launch a pattern of charged mines all around you. Each mine detonates in a violent blast when touched, damaging enemies in a three-meter radius.

Ability 4: Guard Mode
Take a stationary stance and you will be able to deal out maximum damage while also getting a defensive buff.

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