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Strange Brigade getting a photo mode and new difficulty option

Strange Brigade

Strange Brigade isn’t letting up the assault in terms of new updates and content for the co-op shooter, with a new update that will add a new gameplay mode and difficulty options coming this week.

As part of a free update scheduled to launch on Monday 26th November 2018 on all platforms, there are two major new gameplay elements coming ahead of the launch of the third chapter of the game’s Thrice Damned expansion, titled the Great Pyramid of Bes. Also included in this update will be new Score Attack levels – “Great Pyramid II” and “Afterlife II” – and the new Horde map “Void.”

The first change is the introduction of the new Extreme difficulty ruleset. This new mode for the story campaign amps up the difficulty in every way. The enemies can soak up more damage before going down, and they deal tons more damage per shot too. This mode is extremely tough, as the name implies, and it will force players to be much more tactical with their weapon choices, defensive setups and how they approach each map.

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The other major addition is a new photo mode for players to get creative with. If you want to get freaky with taking shots with tons of new filters and other adjustments to make to your photos that you take in Ancient Egypt and other iconic locales. There are lots of filters and other ways to modify the shots you take, Noir, Matinee and Comic Book are just a few. Players can also adjust the focal length, saturation and other options to further change the pictures they take.

Strange Brigade launched back in August on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.

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