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Pokémon Masters new update expands roster

Pokémon Masters

Pokémon Masters launched only a short while ago, in August 2019 to a pretty sizable pop on mobile devices. By taking the franchise that millions of people grew up with and putting into a story-based mobile title, there was a pretty good amount of potential there. Pokémon Masters lets players build their dream team and take on trainers from across then entire library of video games. Each trainer wields their own iconic teams, and each of course has their own strategy. Figuring out how to counter these powerful trainers and overcome their challenges is a big part of what has made this mobile title a success. You can see a bit more of the game in the trailer below.

And now, with 2020 coming in, video games are looking to kick off the new year right. To ring in the new year, video games across many different genres are holding in-game events, and Pokémon Masters is no different.

Three events are happening right now in Pokémon Masters.

  • The Beast That Devours the Sun
  • Two Champions
  • The New Year’s Rally
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Each event has special challenges and rewards associated with it. The New Year’s Rally awards players thousands of Gems for taking on special trainer battles and other goals. The Two Champions challenge has a new pair of elite trainers to take on, each with their own signature Pokemon. Cynthia with Garchomp and Lance with Dragonite head up this mode. And of course The Beast That Devours the Sun is the name for the event that introduced a new Legendary.

All of these events will remain available until Jan. 21 at 9:59pm PST. And don’t think we’re done yet. The developers have also pushed out a new content update to the mobile game. We’re getting new roster additions first and foremost. Solgaleo, a Legendary Psychic and Steel-type Pokémon from the Alola region, is now in Pokémon Masters.

You can download Pokémon Masters now from the Google Play or Apple Store.

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