How to complete the Demon Slayer Challenge in BitLife

How to complete the Fast and Furious Challenge in BitLife

Once again, players in CandyWriter’s mobile sim have a weekly challenge to knock out. This one is very anime-inspired, as you’re learning to fight ghosts. The Demon Slayer Challenge in BitLife is the new challenge this week. Here are the steps you need to complete for this week. Fair warning, this one is very RNG-dependent.

How to complete the Demon Slayer Challenge in BitLife

Here are the steps you need to complete to do this challenge for the week.

  • Be born in Japan
  • Have a little sister
  • Master Judo and Karate
  • Become an exorcist
  • Perform 12 exorcisms in your own haunted houses

For the Demon Slayer challenge, you don’t need to do these steps in any particular order, but it’s easier if you get the easy parts out of the way. Being born in Japan is pretty easy, just pick as your starting nation. It doesn’t matter what gender you pick. Having the little sister part is a bit harder though, as you need to kind of get lucky with RNG.

This is the hardest part of the challenge. You can usually just age up multiple times, until around age 12, and hope to get lucky. A random event will occur if you’re lucky and you get a baby sister. If not, you’re better off restarting with a new life at that point. There’s actually multiple steps like this in this challenge. After you get your parents to have a kid, you can move on to the next part.

Once you’re out of high school, you can begin on the final two parts. You need to constantly train both Judo and Karate. You will need to pay for lessons in each martial art until you fill up the bar all the way. To practice a martial art, head into the Mind & Body tab and click Martial Arts. Choose the Judo and Karate options until you get black belts in both. You can speed this up a bit by practicing one martial art when you reach middle school, but your parents will only pay for one set of lessons.

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Now that you’ve trained to fight, it’s time to beat up some spooky ghosts. To become an exorcist, you need to look through the job screen in the Occupation menu. There’s no formal training required for the position, so all you have to do is wait for it to become available, and you should be good to go. It will take some effort, so just keep checking until the job shows up. It does seem that the developer has tweaked the odds to make it a bit more likely for it to show up, at least.

Now just keep working your job until you earn enough money to purchase a haunted house. You don’t have to buy the most expensive one, just so long as it’s haunted. Once it is, you will get the option to perform an exorcism. Go into your Assets tab and click the haunted property. Click Spirits to bring up the list of active ghosts. Click each ghost and choose Exorcise it. You won’t always get rid of the ghosts each time, and you will need to perform 12 of these to finish the challenge.

That’s how you finish up the Demon Slayer Challenge in BitLife.

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