What is a Paraversal Haul in Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack

Bungie’s 30th Anniversary event is live in Destiny 2. Players have a huge batch of new quests to complete to earn unique rewards. Prepare to feel nostalgic as the game brings back iconic weapons and gear. Strange Coins and Strange Favor Ranks are the two core elements of this new reward structure. But that’s not all we’re working with. There are some very strange mechanics that might confuse players. One of the more enigmatic elements is the Paraversal Haul in Destiny 2.

What is a Paraversal Haul in Destiny 2?

These are basically a special loot box within Destiny 2. The Hauls can be purchased directly from Starhorse in Xur’s Treasure Horde or can be earned from Starhorse’s Bounties. Starhorse will also sell you pieces of random gear if you want to get a few items faster.

A Paraversal Haul in Destiny 2 is described as “a haphazard package of treasures plucked from the impossible rubble of clashing realities.” Whatever that means, it seems like it will have multiple weapons from the different eras of the game. Given the focus on Bungie during this event, we’re also getting weapons and armor from various Bungie games.

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Since this is a new system, the drop odds aren’t known yet. But since the Strange Coins are so easy to get more, Bounties can be run pretty consistently. Completing these can earn you XP, Enhancement Cores, and Paraversal Haul containers.

How to earn Strange Coins in Destiny 2

You can get these by completing a certain set of in-game activities. Once you have done that first run of Dares of Eternity, you unlock Xur and the rest of the 30th anniversary event. From there, you get Strange Coins for doing the following missions:

  • Bounties
  • Completing the Dares of Eternity activity
  • Crucible matches through the playlists
  • Gambit matches through the playlists
  • Heroic Public Events
  • Playlist Strikes
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