How to get the Seventh Seraph Officer Revolver in Destiny 2

Seventh Seraph Officer Revolver in Destiny 2

The Seventh Seraph Officer Revolver in Destiny 2 is among many of the new and improved weapons in Season of the Worthy. The weapon has a ton of good rolls for both PvE and PvP, with plenty of options for perks in both gameplay styles.

For PvP, there are a few different options that give you an edge. Smallbore will give a range and stability increase, while Tactical Mag will give a further stability increase, improve reload speed, and increase magazine size. Many players choose between Feeding Frenzy and Vorpal Weapon for crowd control or reducing incoming damage.

PvE is a bit more complicated, as the perk choices offer a bit more variance. Timed Payload will be one potential choice over Vorpal Weapon, as it gives a better base increase to DPS. The bonus to stagger is useful for tough enemies. Most of the other perks can be carried over from your PvP build though, as accuracy and stability will always be good choices for buffs.

The Officer Revolve has the following stats:

  • Precision Frame
  • Impact – 78
  • Stability – 57
  • Range – 25
  • Handling – 37
  • Reload Speed – 54
  • Aim Assistance – 68
  • Zoom – 14
  • Recoil – 84
  • Rounds per minute – 180
  • Magazine size – 9
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Getting the weapon requires some effort. You need to first upgrade your Bunker to Rank 3. This will unlock a specific Bunker Bounty that will grant the Seventh Seraph Officer Revolver in Destiny 2 as a reward. You’re going to need to do some work to handle that though.

How to upgrade Seraph Bunkers

Seraph Bunkers are Season of the Worthy’s new primary mechanic. Upgrading them is the key to unlocking the majority of the potential from the new content.  Legendary Shards and Planetary Materials will be combined with various other resources to upgrade the Rank of your Bunker. Bunker Bounties and Legendary Lost Sectors are a good pathway to getting the resources you need. These contain powerful enemies that drop the items you need. The more powerful enemies are worth taking on though, as these quests are necessary for the Warmind Bits and Chipsets you need to upgrade Rasputin’s bunkers.

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