Maneater Tips and Tricks – A Beginner’s Guide

All Golden Shores Nutrient Cache locations in Maneater

Maneater is all about being a shark, and being the best one at that. So to help in your journey we’ve assembled some Maneater tips and tricks that should help you along the way. These tips and tricks will keep you focused on your goals and give you some help to speed up progression in the game.

Your goal is to dominate the ocean, act like it. Maneater will be a lot more fun if you don’t dally and instead focus on being the best shark you can be. Feel free to shake things up though. You can approach this game in whatever manner you like. Keep our Maneater tips and tricks while you play and you can have fun with any playstyle.

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Keep a full belly

You’re the ultimate hunter, and this is your hunting ground. You always need food to keep moving. Not only is it useful for upgrades and resources, but it also heals your health bar. Keeping your health up is vital in boss fights, meaning you should always be on the lookout for small fish to snack on. And as you evolve, you’re going to need even more food.

Track down Evo Crates

Evo Crates, or nutrient caches, are great for getting more resources to upgrade. You always need food and resources to get stronger, so finding these bundles really helps with leveling. The crates around the map are hands-down the best resource spots in the game. Keep in mind that you need to progress through the story to unlock them all.

Spam your radar

You have a radar, use it. Keep spamming your radar as you swim around to find all kinds of goodies. There are areas of interest like landmarks, nutrient caches, grates you can smash through, and even license plates. These all give you some kind of reward when found. You don’t need to be right on top of them either. As long as you keep spamming your radar, you will uncover them as you swim around a zone.

Keep an eye on your log

Each area in the game is loaded with stuff to do. Whether it’s hunting for food or hidden resource caches, taking on bosses, or even completing side missions, there’s always something to do. For starters, focus on story progression, while picking up resource caches where you can. Make plenty of use of your log and radar, these will show you hidden items and interesting quests to complete. If you ever feel lost, check the log for a refresher of what you’re supposed to be doing.

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Don’t clear every area

In the early parts of the game, it’s better to focus on gathering resources and story progression. Having the chance to come back and pick up things you miss makes it less important to clear areas. Maneater is a game about being a predator, not a treasure hunter. You’re supposed to eat the hunters. So focus on getting stronger, then come back and clear out areas. Use your radar to speed this part up too.

Return to the grotto to upgrade

If you want to upgrade an ability or try a new evolution, you will need to return to the grotto. Use your map to fast-travel to save time though. In general as well, just use fast-travel.

Feel free to experiment

Keep trying new things. Playing around with your genetics and evolving your shark is a great way to shake up the game. Not only can you get new damage types and stat boosts, but it thoroughly changes the game. Keeping evolutions fresh and consistent will make the game more enjoyable.

There is no stamina bar

In combat, spam your dodge. There are some situations, like fighting bosses, where timing dodges is better. But usually you will want to remember that you’re not limited in terms of combat by stamina. Having the ability to attack consistently will come in handy once you learn how to exploit the enemy’s weakness. Learn the patterns each boss and normal fish uses, and start snacking on them.

Another thing about dodging is that it’s useful for breaking hunter targeting. When you’re being chased by hunters, keep dodging away from them to make them retarget you. This is great for when you want to maneuver around them without getting hit.

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