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How to change race in Reaper 2

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Reaper 2 is a riveting new adventure in Roblox. This game blends anime themes along with a bunch of different tropes and fun challenges to give fans a ton to do. Roblox Reaper 2 is a game based on the anime and manga, Bleach, so a lot of the elements of the game are borrowed from there. When you first make a character, your path through the game is somewhat based on the choices you make. There’s a lot to customize in this game, even the race of your character. And if you don’t like that initial choice, you can even reroll your race and other stats. Here’s how to do that and change your race.

How to reroll your character in Reaper 2

To reroll or change your race in Reaper 2, you have a few different options. There are currently three options for doing this, and two of them are pretty much free. The first thing to know is that this isn’t the easiest thing to handle. It is important to note that when you reroll your race, you will lose all of the levels you have gained. That’s a pretty harsh penalty, but it can be worth it if you want to do this.

Here are the ways to reroll your character in Reaper 2:

  • Use a race reroll promo code
  • Pay 5,000 in-game cash to F33NY
  • Purchase a change of race for 250 Robux
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There are currently three races in the game. Each race has its own attached stats, and a certain rarity to it. Here are the chances of rolling a certain race, using the various methods above.

  • Soul Reaper – 50% Chance
  • Hollow – 35% Chance
  • Quincy – 15% Chance

To use in-game cash, you will need to cross over the bridge from South Karakura and head into Central Karakura.In the center of this zone, you will find F33NY. Hand them 5,000 in-game cash to see what options he has. You can choose from a few different choices.

You could also go for the codes if you want. Look for our codes page to find the promo codes for the game. These can give you in-game currency, race changes, and more. The spending of Robux is an option, but not everyone wants to spend 250 Robux on this simple customization. You can press M to bring up the menu, then look under the Dev Products menu. The race change can be found there.

That’s what you need to know to reroll your character in Reaper 2.

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