All Fatwick Bayou Landmark locations in Maneater

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If you’re the kind of person who wants to totally complete Maneater, you need to find Landmarks and caches in all the areas. There’s a bunch in each area, so here are the locations of Landmarks in Fatwick Bayou. You will want to grab these too as they can often lead to parts upgrades and other bonuses for your shark. In the case of the Fatwick Bayou Landmark locations, you unlock a cache of resources and XP.

There are ten landmarks in total in the Fatwick Bayou area of the game. Just like any other hidden secret, some will be harder to reach than others. You will need to be pretty well evolved by the time you start hunting Fatwick Bayou Landmark locations in Maneater. Some of the enemies and bosses in this area are pretty vicious.

To make it easier on you, check out the image below for all of the locations. Some of these won’t be fun or easy to get to. The Fatwick Bayou area is basically a huge swamp. It’s also filled with small patches of land and alligators, it’s kind of nuts. Hunting down the Fatwick Bayou Landmark locations will involve some traveling across the land at various points, so keep that in mind too.

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Fatwick Bayou Landmark locations

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