How to kill the Apex Barracuda in Maneater

How to kill the Apex Barracuda in Maneater

The Apex Barracuda in Maneater is a major threat. One would think that as an apex predator of the seas, you won’t have trouble, but you could be wrong. The Apex Barracuda is a vicious and extremely tough fish. Since this is the first boss, it’s meant to post a challenge. Read through our new guide for Maneater and figure out how to take on this boss.

The fight, like all other boss battles, is marked by a waypoint. Going to the waypoint will trigger a cutscene. From there, you get attacked by the level 10 boss. It’s a good idea to be at least level 10 before you jump into the fray. Maybe hunt down some of the Nutrient Caches in the early game first. Once you’re at least level 10, head to the waypoint and begin the brawl.

The Apex Barracuda in Maneater will be much faster than you think. You will likely be lagging behind in speed, so it does have an advantage. Because of this, it’s best to use timing and positioning to your advantage. Wait for the boss to take a dive into you, then bite it when it does. You also need to keep your camera trained on the Apex Barracuda to know when to dodge. Getting bit by the beast is bad news, so learn to dodge.

As long as you’re good with dodging, the Apex Barracuda in Maneater will expose its flank anytime you dodge well. This will leave it open to a counterattack if you time it right. Keep your eye on the beast and stay mobile. Once you dodge, take a few bites and move away before it can get hits in on you.

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You can also stun the boss with tail whips if you hit it hard enough. This will leave the boss open for easy damage.

If you do take damage, there is a way to heal. Keep an eye out for the smaller fish around the boss arena. You will want to snack on them to get some health back.

Be sure to avoid the giant blue patch of water near the boss spawn. This area of water is hazardous to you and going there will damage you. Stay out unless you want a tougher boss.

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