How to unlock quests in Brawl Stars

How to unlock quests in Brawl Stars

The developers have made a new update to the mobile game Brawl Stars. This new patch includes quest-based content in the game that offers players rewards for players who play the game regularly and get a chance to take on a few. The quests in Brawl Stars are all about different tasks, and players can take them on once they’re unlocked. And this is something you want to do, as they can be very worthwhile.

The quests in the mobile game are mostly centered around just playing the game as you normally would. As for the rewards, each time you play through a quest they can change. Upgrades for your character are on the table as rewards. The Brawl Pass grants levels for completions too. But before you think about that, you need to actually unlock the quests.

The quests in Brawl Stars unlock once you have earned your first 300 Trophies in the game. These simple milestones can be earned in bunches of all sizes, no matter what you do. With each victory in a game, you can earn 8 of them. Even with a loss, you can earn a handful as well. You need to win enough games to gain 300 of them to unlock the quests in Brawl Stars.

The Trophies can be earned for any of your characters so that makes them a very good source of levels and other rewards.

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Once you have them unlocked, you can check their status at any time. Check the Brawl Pass category of the Brawl Stars’ main menu in the lower left-hand corner, in this menu, you will find the Quests pane that has all of the details you need.

Quests in Brawl Stars refresh every 24 hours, making them very easy to check on a daily basis, so make sure you’re doing that regularly when you log into the game. Of the two, one is a premium exclusive to the Brawl Pass, meant to act as a bonus to paying players.

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