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Days Gone details new enemy types in gameplay trailer

Days Gone PS4

Sony and Bend Studio have been hard at work on the upcoming open-world action game, Days Gone, and now we’ve got a new trailer in their ongoing World Video Series. The latest trailer for the  game showcases some of the primary challenges the Deacon St. John will face, that being the mutated Freakers. These monsters are prowling the world in many different types, and each one is incredibly dangerous, presenting their own mechanics for how to combat or avoid them. And given that the player will be at a major disadvantage in terms of resources and numbers, avoidance is probably best in most situations.

The trailer does reveal a bit of background about these monsters as well. Given that they were once healthy humans, and now are mutated thanks to some mysterious disease, there’s really no hope of reasoning with them, so hoping to survive encounters with them is your only option. That may be a bit easier than you think, because they still have some basic instincts you can exploit. They still eat, drink, and sleep so they may not be an ever-present threat. They also tend to move in herds at times, making large numbers harder to cut through, but making weaponizing them against other threats easier.

Four types of Freakers were detailed in this new look at Days Gone. The Swarmers are the most numerous of the enemy types, as these are the most common type, but they normally operate in smaller groups, only occasionally forming herds. Newts are almost childlike in their passivity, but can easily summon stronger Freakers for protection.  The Breaker might be the one to do that protecting, with the ability to cause massive damage. Screamers are the focal point of many herds, making taking these Freakers out crucial, or making them a valuable weapon against enemy camps.

Luckily for the player, there’s plenty of improvisation to be done with weaponry when you’re taking on Freakers of all shapes and sizes. There’s not only an in-depth crafting system with tons of variety for simple melee weapons and explosives, which is great in a pinch, but there’s also a rudimentary in-game economy the player can make use of.  And you can of course grab weapons from the enemies you defeat. Weapons you pick up from enemies or in the world are weaker than the ones you can buy at shops.

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Days Gone will be out exclusively for PS4 on April 26. And you can take a look at the newest trailer for the game down below. Sony and Bend have released other details about Days Gone if you want to see that as well. There’s the other trailer in the World Video Series showcasing travel across the game world on your bike.

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