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Path of Exile announces three new League Item Stash Tabs

Blight, Metamorph and Delirium League Item Stash Tabs

With the launch of Harvest League, GGG has been killing it in the realm of putting out news and new content, and now a new set of League Item Stash Tabs has been announced. These Stash Tabs, part of the ever-expanding inventory of a POE player, allow players to store 5,000 of multiple items in the game. Tabs like the Map Stash Tab also allow stacking of dozen of maps, that often dominate normal Stashes.

There quickly grew a need for players to have more and more storage space. The ability to stack thousands of items is indescribably useful. Whether for trading or crafting, having easy and quick access to your loot and currency is very important. And with the amount of loot in Path of Exile, there’s just no shortage of use for these tabs.

Each new Stsah Tab covers the three leagues worth of content. Blight, Metamorph and Delirium League Item Stash Tabs will hold the Oils, Monster Parts and Delirium stones from all three of the previous leagues.

GGG even added a limited-time bundle with one of all three new Tabs for 100 Points. Get yours here.

Earlier today we recapped some of the other news that Grinding Gear Games has put out about Path of Exile and the launch of version 3.11. There were various MTX announced, all tied into the new league’s theme. GGG also released a bunch of other updates about plans for the console launch of the new league.

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