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Marvel’s Avengers won’t support drop-in or cross-play co-op at launch

Marvel’s Avengers In-Engine Trailer

Marvel’s Avengers launches for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on September 4. When it does, there’s going to be something a little weird. This mission-based brawler would be very fitting for couch co-op and various forms of online play.

The reveal of the game excited a bunch of fans looking to recapture that feeling of games like Marvel Ultimate Alliance while also expanding into new areas of gameplay. That would require the game to support drop-in or cross-play co-op. But, there’s a big problem with that being in the game.

In the “Technical Tips” part of the overview, the publisher says that “join in progress” and crossplay matchmaking is not possible “at this time.” In other words, that means the game won’t have support for such gameplay modes with multiple players at launch. Eventually, the systems will be there. . Players may “enable matchmaking, and jump into the game with other Marvel fans online,” “invite your friends to play and form your perfect Strike Team,” “disable matchmaking to fly solo and take on War Zones with AI Companions, kitted with the gear and skills you’ve earned,” or maybe even mix up options somewhat.

The developer has described a few details in a recent update. Players are able to invite their friends to join their team by “hovering over their Nameplate in the Social tab of the character menu.” When you do invite a new player to the game, they will share a synchronised power level, so that all the enemies balance out. Also, all the rewards and achievements will be independently earned by each player.

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And anytime you don’t run a mission with a full party, there will be AI-controlled teammates to fill things out. So if you’re looking to hop right into the game, there’s no problem going with solo play.

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