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Paris Map now live for everyone in Overwatch

Overwatch Paris Map On The PTR

Blizzard has deployed the latest Assault map to Overwatch on all platforms. Take a trip to this stylized version of the legendary City of Lights for some sweet shooter action. Players loved it on the PTR, so now they get to blast around the iconic locale for real.

For the uninitiated, Assault is a competitive game mode in Overwatch featuring capture points spread across a given map and two opposing teams. Teams take turns on offense and defense, With rotating spawn points for attackers, the tactical approach with a given map and team composition is constantly in motion. Teams on defense can’t allow themselves to be drawn out of position too much or they risk losing a point, although static spawns for defenders do mitigate this a bit. Time limits for capture attempts add an extra strategic layer.

The new map based on Paris joins the rotation alongside Volskaya Industries, Temple of Anubis, Horizon Lunar Colony and Hanamura in the Assault playlist map pool. Each map offers its own theme and gameplay challenges, and Paris is no different. The Paris map features plenty of winding corridors and tight spaces, making for plenty of choke points for both teams to make use of.

Paris centers around iconic locations like Cabaret Luna, featuring the beloved vocalist Luna who “charms movie stars, revolutionaries, locals, and tourists alike.”

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Various themed elements like artisanal shops lining the streets, complete with lots of little details. One thing that fans love is the playable piano in one of these locations. Players are spending a ton of time playing digital piano.

If you want to read the newest patch notes for the game, including the one that dropped the new Paris map, go check out the main site. This newest patch dropped in a bunch of bug fixes to Heroes, maps, game modes and other aspects of Overwatch. The company even released a short trailer for the new map, which can be seen below:

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