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Apex Legends kicks off holiday-themed event

Holo-Day Bash

Apex Legends was a smash-hit, and a rather surprising one at that. The sudden and explosive growth of a new entrant in the Battle Royale genre led a lot of people to believe that there was a new competitor for Fortnite’s crown on the scene. Respawn certainly made good on promises after launch to add new characters and content, and now they’re continuing that trend with The Holo-Day Bash, a holiday event for the competitive shooter.

The new event will offer themed cosmetics, redecorated maps and a host of other wintery treats for gamers. Those taking part in the event can expect to earn festive skins aplenty. The game map itself is also changing, as a drop ship named Mirage Voyage has landed somewhere in the game world. The merry little raiders have begun unloading all manner of holiday items, taking over an area of the map. The town takeover can be found on the western side of World’s Edge, below Lava Fissure.

During The Game Awards last night, the event was revealed in an inventive way, one that would only really work on the TGA stage. During the reveal for the winner of related award, the community got their first glimpse Apex Legends’ upcoming holiday event, Mirage’s Holo-day Bash. Apex Legends teased the reveal on Twitter, showing a bit of cheeky mirth in the process.

The event starts now on Apex Legends. To help ease their way into the event, Respawn is giving players double XP from 10 AM PST on December 13 to 10 AM PST on December 16. A ton of new weapons are also being dumped into the pool of items. Completing challenges during Holo-Day Bash will award some new legendaries and other stocking stuffers.

There are no free event packs this time, so no free items for this event. The cosmetics will mostly be restricted to paid items this year though. Players can still craft some of them using in-game materials, but it’s likely you’ll have to pay up if you want most of them. There are 24 festive skins in all included as part of Holo-Day Bash.

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