Where to find Corrupted Sester Genessa in Mortal Shell

Where to find Corrupted Sester Genessa in Mortal Shell

Of all the different hidden secrets and items in Mortal Shell, there’s one that seems to be giving players some trouble. The path to this item isn’t too long or complex, it just seems that a lot of players are missing the way. Here’s how to find the Corrupted Sester Genessa in Mortal Shell.  There’s a reason why you want to find her. It’s the only way to obtain some very powerful items.

Corrupted Sester Genessa is located near the entrance to Eternal Narthex. You can find Corrupted Sester Genessa by heading towards this location, which is the same place you’ll find the Eredrim Shell, which is one of the better ones in the game.

From the door that leads into the zone, past the bear traps, head down the path to the right. You will crawl through a tunnel, head through the camp filled with enemies, hug the wall on the left until you reach a stone staircase. Drop down onto the ledge underneath that staircase and keep going down the ramp. There should be another set of stairs ahead of you. There’s a staircase with a bunch of pillars on both sides of it. Head to the left and there will be a small gap between the wall and the pillars.

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Here’s a quick GIF showing the exact location.

This Sester won’t say anything to you, but you can trade with her to obtain Effigies that will give you a power boost for all of the Shells. If you want to speed up Resolve gathering, consider getting the Forbidden Offering for 3000 Tar as well. Grab that when you can and return to a Bench to equip it.

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