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Fallout 76 explains why nuking things is good in new trailer

Fallout 76 Nuke Trailer

Fallout 76 has a new trailer this week, and this time it’s all about nuclear-blasted wastelands.

Speaking with at E3 2018, Bethesda’s senior vice president Pete Hines spoke about how the nuke system will function on Fallout 76.

The overall system of obtaining nukes is a puzzle unto itself. Players may stumble upon portions of nuclear launch codes in their travels across the wasteland, but because you need the full sequence, you have two options. Players can combine the codes they find together to create a full access code if they wish. But if you want to be the nuke-armed lone wolf, you still have that option.

One interesting twist is in the way areas about to be nuked are handled. When a launch targets an area, all the players around get a notification. Now you would think this would serve as a warning to run far away, but you’d be wrong. Any area targeted for a nuclear strike will temporarily transform into an equivalent end-game zone complete with high-end loot and gear. This means players have a very short, and dangerous, window to sneak in and farm loot before hightailing it back to base.

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If you want to learn more about the game, check out the original announcement, as well as the video on settlement building. A beta is also coming next month. There’s also the most recent trailer that detailed the social elements of the game. There’s even a cool Xbox One console bundle coming for Fallout 76.

Fallout 76 launches November 14 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Check out the latest trailer for the game down below.

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