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Grim Dawn previews new Oathkeeper class in new dev diary

Grim Dawn Forgotten Gods Oathkeeper Mastery

Grim Dawn is getting a new expansion with the Forgotten Gods DLC headed for the ARPG, and the development team have published some new details about the expansion over on the official forum.

The Oathkeeper Mastery being added as the ninth customizable class in Forgotten Gods is the new focus for the latest dev update. The new Mastery has a multitude of different offensive and defensive abilities that allow players to wield powerful items and attacks in an orgy of violence. Two such abilities are Aegis of Menhir and Eye of Reckoning. Depending on which ability being used, and the class choices made by the player, the Oathkeeper has massive damage potential.

There’s also the extremely flexible overall buff known as Righteous Fervour that allows the Oathkeeper Mastery to adapt to tons of challenges in the game.

We got an in-depth look at this new mastery and it’s powers via a slew of new art and in-game screenshots as well. So check out the official announcement if you want to see more of this superpowered badass.

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The developers over at Crate Entertainment also hosted a two-hour-long livestream to showcase the new class and other features of the Forgotten Gods expansion.

And the Oathkeeper isn’t the only new addition in Forgotten Gods. The new realm of dangers and challenges known as the Shattered Realm adds a new layer of difficulty to Grim Dawn, as well as tons of loot.

You can check out said official livestream down below.

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