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Minecraft joins the brawl in Super Smash Bros Ultimate October 13

Minecraft joins the brawl in Super Smash Bros Ultimate October 13

Nintendo has revealed the next set of fighters coming as DLC to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and it looks like Mojang is getting in on the fun. the default player models from the popular block-based adventure will be joining the massive roster of fighters in the fighting game. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate producer Masahiro Sakurai was on hand to talk more about the content and future plans for the Switch title.

Sakurai also talked about other content coming to the game, including some new Amiibo releases coming alongside the Minecraft content. Players will be able to pick from Steve, Alex, a Zombie or an Enderman when the new fighter pack comes out. But they also get their own unique mechanic during fights. Any of the new fighters can actually mine the stage to gain resources that they then use to make items that will strengthen their offense. You may also be able to manipulate the layout of the stage if you’re quick with building blocks.

Along with the new block-breaking system, there will be six new stages added to the game. The Minecraft franchise is also getting more representation through multiple music tracks from games, including spin-offs like Minecraft Dungeons and Minecraft Earth. And that’s not all. A new batch of six Mii Fighter costumes will join the roster too.

The latest six pack of Mii Fighter costumes—Mii Fighter Costumes #7— will also offer you the chance to dress your Mii as Travis Touchdown from No More Heroes, Bomberman and more. This second pack of DLC will drop on the same day as the aforementioned fighter pack. All this new content will release on October 14 for Super Smash Bros Ultimate on Nintendo Switch.

Most of the FGC is pretty excited, or at least happy that new players might be interested in the game. There were a few toxic reactions noted online that went a little viral, but most people ignored them, and rightly so. Anyway, back to what matters.

Banjo Kazooie is also getting some Amiibo releases next year as three new ones will be added to the line. Fire Emblem‘s Byleth and Terry Bogard from the Final Fight series will also be added.

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