How to get Fischi for free in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact’s Unreconciled Stars Event Details

The Unreconciled Stars event is underway in Genshin Impact, starting with the first phase, a tutorial mission known as the Unknown Stars. You will need to head out and find some mysterious new meteors that have crashed to the planet and unlock their power. The event is a multi-phase affair and involves a bunch of steps you need to take com

How to start the Unreconciled Stars event

The new event begins at the Guild, head there, and speak with Kartheryne at the Guild to begin the event as a whole. You need to be Adventure Rank 20 to partake, so if you’re not able to begin the quest, that may be why.

There are three phases to the event, each named after a questline. Here are the three phases and when they’re set to begin:

  • Unknown Star start time: November 16 10:00:00 (Server time)
  • Star of Deceitful Dreams start time: November 18 04:00:00 (Server time)
  • Star of Destiny start time: November 23 04:00:00 (Server time)

From there you need to head out and speak with various people who witnessed the stange event. There are three NPCs you need to look out for, located around Springvale. You will be led around the map via markers, so it’s pretty hard to get lost once you teleport into the area.

  • Joyce
  • Adler
  • Sister Edna

After this, you will be attacked by various slimes and have to fight them off. You will then be awarded some Meteorite Shards via a new area. The game is trying to teach you that there will be a visual effect over your HUD when you get nearby to other meteorites, keep that in mind as you play through the event. From there, it’s time to move on and keep adventuring.

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This is the first phase of the quest. As more content is revealed, expect this quest to get more complicated. And part of the reason it’s so complicated is that you need to complete various steps to unlock the free four-star rarity character, Fischi.

How to get Fischi for free

To get Fischl, you need to complete the Prinzessin’s Pact requirements. These are:

  • Complete the quest “Star of Destiny”
  • Accumulate completions of the Meteorite Remain Salvage Challenge (0/14)
  • Accumulate completions of the Fallen Star Challen (0/7)

Each of these will tie into a specific part of the three phases of the event, so keep checking that Events tab to learn more. And be sure to check back here for more guides.

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