How to Add Custom Cities & People in BitLife

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BitLfe is already a pretty fully-featured mobile sim. Playing out the digital lives of the rich and famous is a lot of fun, but what if you wanted something more? There’s so much that can be customized about this game, and that adds to the fun.

You can actually add custom information to the game if you want a more immersive experience. This can be helpful if you’re trying to roleplay a certain famous person or event, which is pretty cool. You would often need to have a character born in a certain state or country for challenges as well.  The O Challenge in BitLife is a pretty interesting one that has this requirement. Though the game does include a way to add custom cities in BitLife, you can’t use it to cheat challenges. But if you want to use it, here’s how.

How to Add Custom Cities & People in BitLife

You can do this pretty easily, and you can add much more than just custom cities in BitLife. In order to add custom cities and people, you need to press the main menu button. Locate the configure settings where you will be given an option to add custom content to the game.

Here you can add custom cities, edit sports, and teams, add people, or import people. You just need to add something that you want, which doesn’t already exist in the game. The app will filter out any options that already exist when you try to input them. If you try to submit certain obscene text as well, the game may block that as well.

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And again, this won’t work for completing challenges. That would be too easy. It’s important to note that this won’t help you solve challenges. If there’s a challenge to make a character be born in a certain country, you will have to use the city listed for that country that’s in the game by default. You won’t be able to cheese the challenge by adding a city from a certain country within the game.

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