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Valorant Release Date

Riot Games dropped their big new game this week, revealing a 5v5 shooter called Valorant. The new game will be headed to an open beta test this Summer ahead of its full launch. The game is still very early in development though, so there are not a lot of details out there. The current rumors suggest that the game releases sometime in the late summer, although this has not been confirmed.

Riot Games has also revealed some other details though, telling of the gameplay and some various stylistic elements. The gameplay is built to challenge the dominance of the likes of CS:GO and Overwatch with 10 players being split into two teams to undergo a grueling best-of-24 round match to determine the best players.

The new characters in this milder hero shooter look pretty cool. Valorant will have a ton of different weapons as well, offering shotguns, snipers and plenty of other destructive implements.

There is always a rumored event taking place this month to promote the game, as well as other Riot projects, with that event supposedly happening Mar. 10 to Mar. 12 that will involve many top streamers and online personalities.

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As soon as Riot release official details on when the beta is, we will be sure to update you on when and where you can sign up. as of now, the game is coming to PC, although a console port has not been dismissed as a possibility.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind with the beta for Valorant. Being that it’s a beta there will be some expectation of bugs and crashes first and foremost. Secondly, expect a ton of hype surrounding this new game, so there may be some issues with getting into the actual beta once it launches, be prepared for that.

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