How to complete the Star of Destiny quest in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Update 1.2 Leaked

The Star of Destiny quest is the first of three quests added during the new Unreconciled Stars event. You will have to wait until November 22 to get access to the quest though, as it’s the third in the series of three. By completing these three quests, you can unlock Fischi for free, a four-star rarity character. Players will be taking part in a variety of quests during this time, centering on collecting resources from rare meteorites that have fallen to the ground.

Each quest will be a bit different from the ones before it, as players will face escalating challenges. Here’s what we know so far.

To start the Star of Destiny quest, players will have to have at least Adventure Rank 20, like the rest of the quests in the event. Beyond that, you will have to complete the starter quest “Unknown Star” and “The Star of Deceitful Dreams”. The first one is pretty easy, as you just need to go and talk to the NPCs then follow the quest markers, we have a guide on how to start the event and what you need to do.

How to complete the first quest:

  • Talk to Katheryne at the Guild in Mondstadt to begin
  • Travel to Springvale to look for survivors of the event.
  • You will be attacked by slimes and have to rescue an NPC.
  • Find the meteorite shards in the area. Hint: your vision will glow when you get close.
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From there, gather up as much Fading Star’s Essence and Origianl Resin as you can. The crux of the third quest revolves around collecting Fading Star’s Essence from around the map. These are dropped from the meteorite spawns around the map.  You can use the Event tab on the in-game map to highlight these spawns.

You will also want to have some Original Resin handy. You will also need the Fading Star’s Essence and Resin to buy things from the event shop. It will be easier to find these rare drops when your World Level is higher.

The second phase of the event involves gathering up energy from defeated enemies and handing it in at the Fallen Star. Make sure you are not attacked while doing this, as getting hit can cause you to lose energy from your gathered pool. There is a hard limit on how much celestial energy you can carry though, keep that in mind.

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