Where to get Monster Keenbone in Monster Hunter Rise

Get Monster Keenbone in Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Keenbone in Monster Hunter Rise is one of many different monster parts in the new Switch game. This item is used in various Low-Rank and High-Rank sets, depending on which set you’re going for. The Keenbone is a bit rarer of a drop, as it’s a pretty powerful crafting base. Some of the best armor sets in the game use plenty of these. Here’s what you can do to get the Keenbone from your hunts to create these sets.

Monster Keenbone is a pretty common drop. It can come from many sources. You can also get it from bone pile nodes in missions. Of the monsters you can get it from, Barroth, Khezu, Jyuratodus, and Rathian drop it. These are the best ones to farm to get a few, as you get some each time you capture or kill one of these monsters. You must go into High-Rank missions, so some of these fights will be harder than others. The prospect of fighting Barroth is probably the easiest. Depending on your set though, it might be easier to take on other choices.

Once you get better mobility skills and better at the Wirebug moves, Jyuratodus might be another viable option to farm. That monster shows up in Flooded Forest zones. Barroth shows up in the Sandy Plains.  Rathian appears all over the place, but is probably the hardest fight, appearing in Lava Caverns, Flooded Forests, Shine Ruins and Sandy Plains.

Other items can be found, along with this one, via the Meoqcenaries. The likes of Big Fin can sometimes be dropped from certain routes. You get very random drops though, so there’s no guarantee to get monster parts. Monster Broth is another cool drop you can get via these automated hunts.

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In that weekend since launch, more than 4 million copies have been sold of the new entry.

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