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Should you get Ember and Frost Prime in Warframe?

How To Get Frost Prime and Ember Prime

We already covered two of the new weapons added in this bundle, Glaive Prime and Sicarus Prime. Now we’re going to talk about the real stars of this new update. Ember and Frost Prime are two very sleek and thematic frames, and they each have their uses in combat. These two Unvaulted frames offers twists on the theme of fire and ice, and it’s pretty clear which is the better one.

Frost Prime is undoubtedly the better of the two thanks to its potential massive Shield pool. Ember Prime is OK by comparison Not having the same potential for defense as Frost, Ember is more about aesthetics than anything else. If I were to chase one set of Relics, it would be for Frost Prime. Whether or not you make the same decision is entirely up to you.

Ember Prime and Frost Prime both have boosted base stats and new Polarities. With a bit faster move speed and some other buffs, Ember can be an effective melee build. By bounding between various enemies and using a potent melee weapon, you can easily avoid most damage purely on speed. Ember is also decently armored, so can stand up a bit more in combat.

Frost Prime brings its icey abilities to new heights, holding a more solid footing thanks to boosted defenses. It’s one of the best Shield-based Warframes in the game, with the right build. It has one of the higher shield pools in the game, at nearly 4,000, making it incredibly tanky. It’s offensive abilities also possess a little flair thanks to improved visual effects. If you’re looking for a tanky build that’s cool as ice, you can’t go wrong with Frost Prime.

How to farm Ember and Frost Prime in Warframe

With these Relics, you can’t just farm them in any activity. The best place to farm Ember and Frost Prime in Warframe are the Bounties. That means you’re headed to the relevant NPCs in the game’s open-world areas. Head to the proper planet to find the right NPC, Konzu (Cetus), Eudico (Fortuna), or Mother (Necralisk). Then you can go about your merry way and farm at your leisure. There is another faster option though, and we’ll talk about that next. Here are the Relics you need to look for with each Waframe:

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  • CHASSIS – MESO F2 – 15,000 Credits, 1,000 Ferrite, 300 Rubedo, 3 Morphics
  • SYSTEM – LITH G1 –  15,000 Credits, 1,200 Nano Spores, 700 Plastids, 1 Control Module, 1 Morphics
  • NEUROPTICS – NEO S5 – 15,000 Credits, 150 Alloy Plate, 2 Neural Sensor, 1,000 Polymer Bundle, 750 Rubedo


  • CHASSIS – LITH G1 – 15,000 Credits, 1,000 Ferrite, 300 Rubedo, 1 Morphics
  • SYSTEM – NEO S2 – 15,000 Credits, 500 Salvage, 220 Plastids, 1 Control Module, 1 Morphics
  • NEUROPTICS – AXI E1 – 15,000 Credits, 150 Alloy Plate, 1 Neural Sensor, 150 Polymer Bundle, 500 Rubedo

Most Relics in Warframe can be farmed via Void missions There are a few different Void Missions of each type, with Capture being the easiest to run through. Look below for the full rundown of which Void Missions to farm for which Relic.

The best places to farm are Hepit and Ukko, hands down. Why? Because both of these are Capture missions, which can be completed in about 2 minutes per run easily.

  • Axi E1 – Aten, Belenus, Marduk, Mithra, Mot
  • Lith G1 – Ani, Hepit, Stribog, Taranis, Teshub, Tiwaz
  • Meso F2 – Ani, Belenus, Oxomoco, Stribog, Taranis, Tiwaz, Ukko
  • Neo S5 – Ani, Aten, Belenus, Marduk, Mirtha, Mot, Oxomoco, Ukko

Once you have the Relics, it’s time to start cracking them for loot. If you want a full guide on cracking Void Relics, we have that handy. You will need a fair few resources to build the weapons as well. So make sure you check the Blueprints in your inventory to make sure you have the items you need to actually build it.

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