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What is Anonymous Access in Elite Dangerous?


There are many things to do in Elite Dangerous such as mining, trading, exploring, bounty hunting, and many more. There’s a ton of unexplored space out there, and it’s going to be around a long time. And as most players just love to explore, some other folks love to sow chaos. With those more chaotic players, they have fun shooting others. PvP is a big part of the universe, but it has some restrictions. But if you get too aggressive, you can get slapped with a fine. Along with that fine for crimes, you can get placed into Anonymous Access mode.

What is Anonymous Access in Elite Dangerous?

Anonymous Access in Elite Dangerous is basically the criminal tag for the game. When you commit a crime inside the space that’s part of the humanity “bubble” you can be branded with this status. It sounds kind of scary to new players, but it’s not all that bad. The basic gist of it is that as long as you have a bounty on you for a crime, you will be marked with Anonymous Access.

The idea is that players with this marked on them will have limited access to station services in many systems. There will be no ability to take on missions, trade or do other station activities. In-universe, you’re basically an outlaw that’s trying to fly below the radar in this state.

Don’t worry about fines being too harsh, nor about bringing down bounty hunters on you. The local security forces in a system are usually pretty passive, and won’t attack players unless they are being actively hostile.

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How to get rid of Anonymous Access

Once a pilot receives a fine, they will be forced into Anonymous Access. You need to go to the station that issued the fine against you and speak with the NPC heading Security. They will require you to pay the fine for your actions to remove the status. Until this is done, you won’t have access to most starport services.

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