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Ghost Recon Breakpoint announced, will be Epic exclusive

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Release Date Announced

Ghost Recon Breakpoint has finally been announced, and it’s going to take things a much weirder and dystopian direction. The island nation of Aurora has been taken over by a group of shadowy operators backed by the most malicious elements of Silicon Valley, who have consolidated their evil ambitions into a shadowy firm known as Skell Technology. Your job is to take the whole operation down.

For the gameplay side of things, Ghost Recon Breakpoint has a fair few differences with its predecessor, Wildlands. For starters, this game has much tighter focus on survival and stealth mechanics. There’s still plenty of run-and-gunning action to be had, but the process has been altered in this new entry to be much more about careful planning and execution rather than brute force. It feels almost like a modernized Ubisoft attempt at MGS 3: Snake Eater, as you’ll be managing wounds, eating rations to keep your health up, that kind of thing.

The game will also feature a variety of enemies to take on. There are more disorganized factions like the Wolves- a group of Ghosts gone rogue- which roam the wilds of the map, but these are just the start of the challenges you will face in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Players will also do battle with a major PMC employed to provide security for the island. And there are even multiple enemy types within that PMC structure, like the mini-gun welding Heavy.

One potential source that will sour this news is the announcement that this game will be exclusive to the Epic Games Store on PC. This deal will absolutely anger some gamers, and probably rightly so, as Epic has managed to bungle a fair few things with these exclusivity deals. To their credit though, the company managed to avoid pitfalls that Valve has fallen into with Steam.

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Ghost Recon Breakpoint is due out on October 4th 2019 for all major platforms. If you want to see more of the new tactical shooter in action, check out the reveal trailer down below. Pre-orders are available now for the Epic release, with pre-orders on Epic come in at $59.99 USD for the Standard Edition, go up to $99.99 for the Gold, and hit a whopping $119.99 for the Ultimate Edition.

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