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Imperium, CSM, and Drifter Drama, Oh My!


This week has seen it’s fair share of drama, combat, and general capsuleer shenanigans. The major developments are somewhat unexpected, as Fozziesov has not been the great catalyst for fights over space that some expected. The trend of alliances losing space looks to be more heavily influenced by political drama. Although it seems all but certain that the massive deployments from various alliances are a prelude to a much larger war that may be on the horizon.

Imperium Drama, Initiative SOTA

FCON (Fidelas Constans) has seen a fair bit of destabilization with leadership disputes and departures causing tension within the alliance. The resignations of several high-ranking members has left a power vacuum within the group. Kari Trace was the major resignation from the FCON SkyTeam. His post:

When I first joined FCON many years ago as a random low-sec scrub it was exactly what I was looking for. A group of pilots trying to make a name for themselves; going the extra mile, putting in the extra effort, kicking ass and taking names. It also helped that it was a group that would help each other at every turn without a second thought. It may not have been perfect, it had issues for sure, but it tried. Sadly that alliance no longer exists, FCON has slowly movable away from what it once was. Dying little by little ever since moving to Branch. Now it is more worried about keeping indexes up and placating corporation that do so than it is about being a capable, effective, and responsive alliance. I believe this new focuses is killing the alliance, and it will continue to do so.

From being censored in what I am allowed to say and to who I am allowed to say it to, to being threatened with removal multiple times, to the last Nakah deployment, to the continual decline of the US TZ; actions have shown time and time again this alliance is no longer concerned with being a combat capable alliance. Resignation is my final and only option of protest left. I can not and shall not sit by and be associated with the group of decisions and pilots making those decisions that kill this alliance from the inside out.

As of the timestamp above I no longer have SkyTeam responsibility; mail list, documents, roles, holder alt, et al. When this alliance is once again ready to put hot lead down range and return to being a combat capable group it might garner my interest once again. Till then leading fleets into the crucible of combat and bringing back the charred and smoldering ruins is what I shall continue to do. SRP team prepare yourselves.

Good luck thanks for all the killmails.

Kari Trace

AARC alliance Vice-CEO was bashed by FCON pilots because he resigned from his position. Posted July 15:

Over the last 6 months as you may have noticed my behavior hasn’t been up to standards of a alliance leader.

The cause behind this was something in real life that has happened about 6 months ago and has kept happening

until a couple days ago. That situation has cleared up and has made my situation a lot more pleasant again.

During these last few days I’ve taken a look at my behavior and I have concluded a new course of action for both me and the Alliance. Effective immediately I am stepping down as a vice-CEO of FCON. I think that this is one of many steps that I can take to hopefully earn your trust in me as a leader again.

I’ll still be available for anyone to talk to, if you need any advise or just need someone listening.

And maybe in the distant future you’ll allow me to return once again into the seat of the top leadership, time will tell. For now, i’ll just go back to being a minion, helping out where I can.

Keep moving forward FCON, only look back to quickly see the path of destruction you’ve left behind but immediately look forward again.

More Leadership changes were implemented such as Hoons Viper, one of FCON’s most active diplomats, was fired and Shinron Sakai was also removed from his diplomat position for disagreeing with the status quo.

Following these departures, fellow Imperium alliance The Initiative released a SOTA, in which they announced a joint 1 month deployment with RAZOR to the region of Curse. The motivations are to harass SOV holders in the surrounding area to further train line members in the new mechanics for taking and holding systems.

Leadership Update #33, 30/07/2015 “Sounds Of Summer”

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Leadership Update #33, 30/07/2015 “Sounds Of Summer”

Calibrate your long-range signal amplifiers, upgrade your warhead rigs and mount your artillery…this week we are deploying to our G-0 base in Curse to inflict some pain and retribution against those who would foolishly attack our assets thinking there would be no comeback. It is never a question of if but when. No need for a fancy narrative; we’re going to fuck shit up.

We’re also going to use this opportunity to meet a number of other objectives since, well…summer has turned to shit.

Just the facts:

* We’re deploying Thurs evening to G-0 and will be running a fast convoy op from OE- to G-O to move our Ishtar fleet (and Curse clones) back to G-0. This is for everyone who helped escort our supers in the move north a few weeks back. If you were not on this op and your Curse clone and Ishtar is till in G-0, then you can just clone to Curse and meet us there.

* We will need full combat power, so deploy all your combat alts.

* This will be a campaign lasting approximately 4 weeks, perhaps more depending how opportunities unfold.

* RZR bros will be deploying with us to G-0 and we will be flying together as a team as we did in Venal ops a few weeks back.

* All ops will be on Imperium Mumble.

* All ops will be typically ranked as Beta level ops, however please do your best to contribute towards attending where possible.

* Make sure you have a clone in OE- with Northern doctrine ships fitted and ready in case we need to clone north and put any fires out.

* Main configs we expect to be using will include Faceless Machs, Rainmaker Cerbs and Impala Ishtars with liberal use of capitals where appropriate. We may be flying another signature config which will see the re-introduction of an old favourite, upgraded for modern times…more info on this soon…


* Fuck some shit up!

* Learn Fozzie mechanics

* Field test some of our latest configs and setups

* Fly more with RZR Bro’s

* Position ourselves to support the Imperium campaign in Provi (if it happens)

* Have some fun!

That’s it.


Red Menaced by Triumvirate
A recent announcement by Triumvirate, after their peace deal with XIX, is that they will also engage in a deployment in order to get more experience with Fozziesov. This is a direct response to Red Alliance launching targeted attacks against systems in The Spire. The war between the two already exists in a state of imbalance, with more than 40 timers active in Insmother region held by RA. While only 10 remain active in The Spire.

test sov

There also appears to be a secondary retaliatory motivation for TRI. When the war in the Drone regions between GemCo and Vanguard first began, RA was asked by TRI to assist after they had secured Insmother earlier in the year. RA refused and left a bitter taste in Triumvirate’s mouth. It’s likely that bad decision may come back to haunt RA.

CSM X Resignation

In a somewhat rare occurrence, a member of the CSM has been publicly asked to step down from their position. This is the second time in recent memory that this has occurred. The first being when TheMittani was asked to resign.

CSM member Jayne Fillion asked for the resignation of fellow CSM member Gorga on Twitter. This comes less than a month after corebloodbrothers resigned his position on CSM X. If Gorga steps down, this would mark the highest turnover in CSM history. The biggest complaint against Gorga being that he has not attended or contributed in the last 12 consecutive meetings.

Jayne Fillion goes on to explain in other tweets that the decision to ask for his resignation was unanimous among the CSM members. When asked why they don’t just vote him out of the CSM, Jayne explains that at the present moment, CCP and the CSM do not have a formal way of removing a member of the CSM.

Drifters Attack in Force

Our final development comes from Safizon, where a force of more than 150 Drifter Battleships engaged with both Amarr Mavy and Capsuleer forces. The attackers were eventually driven off after exacting a heavy toll on the defenders. This attack comes just days after Empress Jamyl was in the system for the keel-laying ceremony for a new flagship. This is believed to be the first of many future attacks as the Drifters continue to strike at what they ostensibly perceive as a major threat in the Amarr. You can read more here.

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