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Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate heading west this year

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate 1

Capcom has announced Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate for Nintendo Switch. Lots of features have been reworked for the international release. Hunter Arts and combat styles have been revamped so that they better support the hardware’s touch controls. The game difficulty has also been adjusted in some areas to make progression more challenging.

One of the cooler new features for this release is new Styles: Brave Style and Alchemy Style. These reward players with “new moves for landing successive attacks,” and the ability to “create useful items on the fly during combat,” respectively. These changes and more allow players to create their own highly-unique and specific play styles over the course of the game.

Check out the trailer and some screenshots below.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate marks the series debut on Nintendo Switch as an exclusive when it launches on August 28, 2018 for digital and physical retail purchase across North America and Europe. For the first time, gamers have the flexibility to play both local wireless and online multiplayer with up to three other hunters – whether playing at home on the big screen or on the go in handheld or tabletop mode.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate features classic Monster Hunter gameplay, new areas and monsters, and returning creatures such as Zinogre and Nargacuga. There’s also a somewhat deeper crafting system in this game compared to other games in the series. The Hunter Arts system that allows the players to use unique abilities has been integrated with the Switch hardware, so the touch controls can now activate these powerful attacks.

This release introduces a brand new quest level called “G” rank. Here, players face more formidable versions of familiar monsters using different moves and abilities. The game also includes a save import feature to bring save data forward the original Monster Hunter Generations.

This localized port of Monster Hunter XX on the Nintendo Switch console releases on August 28th via retail and digital storefronts in North America and Europe.

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