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Horizon Zero Dawn for PC has Ultra-wide monitor support

Horizon Zero Dawn

Developer Guerrilla announced earlier this week that the PC port of their smash-hit Horizon Zero Dawn is getting some interesting changes. Some new details have revealed that Sony and the team at Guerrilla have been working on an interesting new element for the game. On the game’s Steam forums users noted something interesting.

According to a new batch of screenshots for the upcoming game release, these were showcased at 3440×1440 resolution, leading PC fans to bring up the idea that Horizon Zero Dawn for PC has Ultra-wide monitor support.

There have been some gamers who worried about the underlying issues with the port though, namely the graphical and technical implications. Some fans are concerned over whether Horizon Zero Dawn for PC will have better graphics settings than the original PS4 version of the game. The developers have not shared these details yet, but it’s likely a pretty good possibility that the PC port is a bit more spiffy in terms of graphical fidelity.

The developers did share some other details though, concerning what kind of content the PC version will include.

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The Complete Edition of the game will be released on PC as well and brings with it The Frozen Wilds expansion DLC. That release on Steam will also include tons of different new items for players to dig into. There are new weapons to shoot, enemies to hunt, and plenty of challenging puzzles to explore and solve in this content.

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