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Plains of Eidolon Easy Ostron Standing – Warframe Guide [July 2021]

How to get Gara in Warframe

For new players in Warframe, there are a ton of mechanics at play, and it can get quite confusing. Whether it’s grinding out Standing for the baseline syndicates in places like Orb Valis or Plains of Eidolon, or its doing missions for the Syndicates, there is always a faction in this game that needs the help of the Tenno. Grinding out the Standing for these factions takes some time as there’s a Standing cap each day based on your Master Rank. But to help speed the process up, here’s a method to get easy Ostron Standing every day in just a few minutes.

July 2021 Update

So Digital Extremes has nerfed the original version of this exploit. The Kuaka spawn that we used to gain quick Standing is no longer there. So the route is now much harder to farm, but the basic idea is still solid. And it seems that DE has also tweaked spawns to make it much harder to predict spawn patterns. But that wasn’t going to stop us, we found an altered version of the farm that is still viable for hitting daily cap with easy Ostron Standing. Although to compensate for this they did add many more possible spawns in the local area.

Check the map below. The blue line is the basic route you’re going to use to find spawns. Both Condrocs and Kuaka spawn in this area. This is right by the giant pink fish, so go here just like you would for the Kuaka exploit. The basic premise is to run back and forth along the route, shooting down any animal spawns you see. Take out your Tranq Rifle and keep it up to help highlight animals to speed things up. When you see an animal, sneak up and take the shot as soon as you’re in range.

So to recap, head to the same spot that the giant fish spawns, you will notice the Kuaka exploit spawn is no longer there. Instead run back and forth along the coastline, keeping an eye out for the Kuaka and Congdroc packs that spawn all along the coast. Start on the western side, where you will sometimes see a pack of Tusk aerial units parked by the water, and work your way toward the windmill. Run back and forth along this route for easy captures.

Tips for the new route:

  • Bring a stealthy Warframe – There are now Tusks and other enemies patrolling the shoreline in greater numbers, learn their routes and take them out quickly to make this farm easier.
  • A fast Warframe is also an option – Being able to run the route faster than normal could help speed up farming, assuming you can reliably capture the spawns.
  • Look around – Kuaka and Congdroc spawn all over this route. Some spawn in the area to the east of the rock outcroppings, some spawn nearby to the giant energy barrier. Some will spawn closer to the windmill in the west.
  • You will have to run this multiple times – DE has nerfed the exploit, making it take much longer to farm cap with this route. It is definitely still doable, it just takes a lot longer.
  • Watch out for Tusk Thumper, Ghouls, Teralyst and Vomvalysts – These powerful enemies are the main threat in Cetus. The Tusk Thumper especially likes to hang around this route. Learn to fight it and bring a solid build capable of beating it. Clearing it out will make this route less annoying.
  • Avoid the Teralyst at all costs – This powerful boss can’t be taken on solo, so avoid it. Luckily it only spawns at night. So if you run this route during the day, the Tusk Thumper is your primary concern, and that’s much easier.
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To do this method, all you need is a Tranq Rifle and access to the Plains of Eidolon. This spot is very easy to find. If you’re coming here from our best mining spot in Plains of Eidolon guide, you’re already on the right track. The basic path to this particular exploit is to head left out of Cetus and run your way to the coast that’s in a straight line past the Twin Horns. You know you reached the right spot when you see a giant pink fish beached on the shore with a Bounty tent nearby. There will be a pack of 3-4 Eidolon beasts either sitting next to the fish or on top of it.

If you’re quick with your Tranq Rifle, you can pop all of these beasts in very quick succession. The spawns appear to be limited to either Kuaka or Congdrocs. The basic varieties of these two yield 300-400 per Capture of each beast. The rarer Ghost/Ashen Kuaka or Emperor/Rogue Congdroc yield 800-900 each capture. Once you have captured that first batch, simply run about 100-200 meters away, while looking away from the pink fish, and then turn around and run back to the spot where the bests were. If done right, there should be a new batch there.

A few minutes of doing the loop of capturing and respawning can yield 1,000 standing in a minute. You will obviously get much more with the rare spawns.

A good tip is to drop your K-Drive about 100 meters or so away from the nearby Bounty tent, in the direction that you came from. Once you drop and capture the set of Congdrocs or Kuaka that spawn on the giant fish, head back to your K-Drive in a straight line. Just run back and forth between the beast spawns and your dropped K-Drive and you should have a relatively simple standing farm. No need to waste time fishing for Murkray while you cap your Standing.

Of course, you will want to mix this method with mining and fishing to get the loot needed to actually rank up each time you hit cap. Even at a relatively low MR, it’s a very good way to make easy Ostron Standing.

The conditions for spawning in this manner do not appear to matter. Rain or shine and night or day only seem to change what enemies are around. Be aware, that the aerial units love to patrol the nearby coast. Also, those really annoying Tusk Thumpers will sometimes bang around nearby.

Also, this particular spot is also really good for fishing the ocean-based breeds of fish. The Grineer will almost never bother you if you stay on the rock formation near the giant Goopola on the shore. There’s a small rock formation in the water that you can stand on that’s surrounded by fish.

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