How to Become a Journalist in BitLife

How to become a CEO in BItLife

BitLife is a digital life sim that lays out infinite paths ahead of the player. The game includes a few advanced careers that require you to put effort into getting an advanced degree. You will need to complete these to get into higher-paying careers, like being a CEO or Doctor. You will need to get through the basics of schooling, and then earn your way into University. This can be done via either a scholarship or paid for directly.

You actually need to get the job to complete the Gilmore Girls challenge this week. This can take some effort, as you won’t always get the job you want to come up in the menu.

BitLife is full of RNG like this, and it can be pretty annoying. Things sometimes make this harder than it needs to be. But really, the general concept is pretty simple. You can even become a reporter or Journalist in BitLife. If you want to chase down the big stories of the day, this is how you do it. Here’s how to become a journalist in BitLife.

How to Become a Journalist in BitLife

No respectable news outlet is gonna hire someone who doesn’t have a good education. You need to get good grades Making your character is the first step. Make sure to get high Smarts at a minimum. The other stats like Looks and Discipline are kind of important, but it’s not vital to keep them too high. To raise your Smarts and keep it at 100%, visit the Library and Read Books in the Activities menu every year. But for your early years, just focus on your education.

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Once you’ve made it through High School, it’s time to move on to higher education. When you first choose to go to University, you need to find a way to pay for it. You can either take out Student Loans or ask your parents to pay your way. Either method works just fine, it’s just going to take a while to pay off those loans.

When you get through University a bit, you need to pick either an English or Journalism major and the continue your education. it’s just a matter of doing well in your classes and graduating.

You will likely see the job listed in the Careers tab as Jr. Reporter. If it’s not there, you need to refresh the list either by aging up or restarting the app.

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