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Endless Space 2 Announced, gets CG Trailer


Endless Space as a 4X game is known for it’s interesting customizable race selections and it’s card-selection driven combat system. The tech tree for the game is also ridiculously expansive. Hopefully all of that gets carried over and improved upon in the sequel. Amplitude has said that this new game will tie-in more closely their previous title Endless Legend. Which more eagle-eyed viewers will notice similarities between the ship from that game and the one shown off in the Endless Space 2 trailer.

Endless Legend and Endless Space were both excellent 4X titles that took place in the same universe. And it seems as though Endless Space 2 is looking to try it’s hand at bridging the gap between the two titles.

Dungeon of the Endless, another of their games, took place on a spaceship from Endless Space that had crash landed onto the planet from Endless Legend. It’s possible that is the ship in this trailer.

As per Amplitude’s other game’s, they’re making use of their Games2Gether system through which they encourage participation among their community in the service of both designing and promoting the game.

Details on the official website and in the general media are a bit scarce, but we’re likely to hear more next week at Gamescom.

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