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This War of Mine comes to Switch

This War of Mine comes to Switch

Nintendo has just announced another new game for the Switch, and this time it’s a definite tonal shift with the introduction of This War of Mine to the portable console. 11 Bit Studios is working with publisher Deep Silver to bring a fully complete version of the gritty simulation to the console later this month.

This War of Mine: Complete Edition drops the player into a literal warzone, and expects them to survive for a set amount of time. The gameplay loop consists of building the infrastructure to fulfill basic needs for survival like food and water. To accomplish this, you need to go out gathering supplies, completing special events and trading goods.

The This War of Mine: Complete Edition will include the base game as well as the following:

  • Anniversary Edition Content
  • The Little Ones
  • Episode One: Father’s Promise
  • Any future DLC totally free, including the upcoming Episode two, and three.
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The various pieces of DLC included in this bundle add new gameplay elements. These mostly focus on adding new characters to attempt surviving with and new custom stories. It’s great to see all of these bundled on the Switch, allowing gamers to bypass having to buy multiple packs of DLC.

This War of Mine: Complete Edition is heading to Nintendo Switch on November 27 2018, and you should check out the trailer for the game down below.

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