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STALKER 2 announced by GSC Game World

Stalker 2 announced

STALKER 2 was originally revealed back in 2010, but it didn’t get very far before the game studio closed in 2012, that closure lead to the end of development on the game. It seems that since GSC Game World reappeared in 2014, they’ve been slowly working on recreating the game they originally failed to complete.

Since the closure and reopening, most of the original GSC team being rebranded Vostok Games. And since the original GSC studio head wouldn’t surrender IP rights, that team moved on to other projects. This means that STALKER 2 could look and feel wildly different from what fans expect. The original game still has an active fanbase and modding community, so there’s definitely a cult following for the devs to tap into. It just remains to be seen what this revived game will form into.

GSC launched a website for STALKER 2 and announced it was in development on their corporate website. A lot can happen over three years, so let’s just hope that GSC Game World doesn’t suffer a repeat of 2012.

The STALKER 2 site currently indicates that it’ll be out in 2021. So if you were hoping to see the game anytime soon, don’t hold your breath.

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