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Total War: Warhammer shows off first gameplay footage


Creative Assembly have publicly released the first full gameplay footage of Total War Warhammer, said footage was only previously shown behind closed doors at E3 until now.

The footage shows off the Battle of Black Fire Pass, which pitted Orks against The Imperium of Man. In the game itself, the specific battle would be unlocked as one of the major characters levels up to a sufficient level. Within the battle, the Empire led by Emperor Karl Franz and a Greenskin horde led by Orc Warboss Grimgor Ironhide.

Commentary is included so you know exactly what’s going on as the two forces clash on the battlefield. The battle is described as scripted, and is denoted as alpha footage. So it’s work-in-progress stuff to an extent.

Interesting features on show include flying units in combat, powerful spells (with the caveat that Creative Assembly don’t want to make these too overpowered,) and first person unit control on the flying Doomdiver unit. You’ll also see plenty of classic Warhammer units in action, like vomiting trolls, Imperial Outriders, and Wyverns.

Total War: Warhammer will be with us in 2016.


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