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Marvel’s Avengers Patch 1.3.4 released with bug fixes

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Marvel’s Avengers Patch 1.3.4 has been released, bringing in a bunch of bug fixes and other stuff coming to make the game better. The big focus here, being a hotfix patch, is on dealing with bugs. Players should notice a major improvement against crashes and other issues. Here’s what the new patch contains in detail.

Crashes and getting stuck in some missions got fixed in the campaign mode. Marvel’s Avengers Update 1.3.4 also fixes an issue where players would sometimes go out of world in Condition Green. There were other parts of the game that would hang under certain conditions, that shouldn’t happen as much with this fix in place.

The matchmaking system got a fair amount of attention too. Players should find more stable queues to be a thing now. A few minor bugs with friends and the UI of multiplayer have also been addressed. One notable UI tweak is that there’s no more confusing mission power level with other players, as the indicator that caused that problem has been removed.

Marvel’s Avengers should download the patch next time you boot it up. Check out the full patch notes for the update down below.

Marvel’s Avengers Patch 1.3.4 Patch Notes

Reassemble Campaign & Avengers Initiative
  • Multiple crash issues resolved
  • Fixed an issue where players would sometimes go out of world in Condition Green
  • Fixed a rare issue with Abomination becoming unresponsive in Gathering of Evil mission
Multiplayer & Match Making
  • Various matchmaking and invite improvements
  • Removed Power Level difference indicator during matchmaking to remove confusion regarding Mission Power and prepare for improvements to power display
  • Resolved a rare issue where using Quick Match as Any Hero could break up an existing Strike Team
  • Fixed instance of HUD indicator not showing that an enemy is attempting to hack a terminal in Tachyon Rift: Breakout mission
  • Made Tachyon Orbs easier to see when indoors
  • Fixed an issue in Tachyon Rift: Breakout where players would not be reloaded to the proper location when reloading checkpoint
  • Also fixed mission selection issues that sometimes occurred when players would join or leave the Strike Team while in the War Table UI
  • Fixed an issue that prevented joining via invites from players who weren’t added as a friend
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User Interface
  • The Quick Match button is now visible within the War Table whenever multiplayer is allowed, regardless of matchmaking preference
  • Addressed issues with missing or excess Skill Points
  • Improved offscreen projectile attack indicators
  • Fixed an issue where Black Widow would sometimes not gain intrinsic while performing takedowns
  • Fixed some instances of enemies not spawning
  • Improved transition between hover and flight when Iron Man is attacked
  • Fixed rare instance of Captain America going out of world when using Shield Dive
Gear, Challenges & Rewards
  • Fixed an issue with some Hulk outfit textures
  • Also fixed an issue that prevented Thor’s Challenge Card nameplate from properly unlocking
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