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How to level up fast in Bless Unleashed

Bless Unleashed

The process of leveling in Bless Unleashed is not a quick process. As you increase your level, you unlock more content. Each quest section is level locked, so you need to be level 30 or higher to unlock some of the tougher content. If you’re the kind of RPG player to powerlevel, this guide to leveling in Bless Unleashed will be a godsend for you.

Use these tips to make the most of your time in-game to grind out levels as fast as possible. This guide will cover a few tips to level up pretty quick, so take them to heart.

Play through the main story

The main quest in the game is a great source of leveling through much of the game. The process of going through will unlock a bunch of quests and bosses. There’s also a need to unlock certain features like the Blessings that you will need to beat tougher enemies.

As you play through the main quest, will not only level faster, but also unlock more of the map. Various bosses, side quests and other content are locked behind story progression. As soon as you unlock new locations in Bless, be sure to complete the Regional Quests as well to speed up leveling in Bless Unleashed.

Avoid Side Quests for main levels though, the only real use of most Side Quests is to gain Skill XP. The main level of your character often is not affected.

Feel free to grind with a group

Whenever you take down a boss or other enemy as part of a player group, the XP is shared. There is an argument to be made for taking them on solo though. Boss XP is worth a lot more when you’re fighting solo. Since experience is divided between the entire group evenly, there’s a definite bonus to playing alone. If you’re going for speedy powerleveling though, having a troop of players blitzing content can’t be beat.

Try not to overlevel

Overleveling confers and XP penalty to your efforts based on how high you are compared to the enemy. This applies in groups, so taking a bunch of max-level characters and tossing them into a newbie group gives very little XP. If you’re playing with friends, try to stay around the same level. 100% is awarded for enemies at your same level, so keep that in mind.

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Hunt Field Bosses

A Field Boss is a significantly stronger enemy that spawns all over the place. These mini-bosses are a great source of XP and loot. The mechanics for fighting each one differ slightly, and you should take the time to learn them. Also, every Field Boss has a Quick Time Event (QTE) associated with it that is part of the boss fight. Completing these QTEs is vital to beating them.

You will unlock many Field Bosses through the main quest, you have to hunt for the rest. The community has put together field guides for finding each monster in the different regions. Check out the videos below for the map locations of each field boss.

Field Bosses of Carzacor

Field Bosses of Navarra

There are two primary types; Field and Unique bosses, and each one has their own appearance and set spawn location. You should memorize these and use them to your advantage when leveling in Bless Unleashed. Unique Bosses are designed to be a group-based challenge, so bring some friends for those. These are well worth taking on though, as beating them will give you a reward box, Experience Points, Skill Experience Points, and Artifact Shards.

Make use of Boosters

There are various kinds of Experience Boosters in Bless Unleashed. When you’re in towns, be sure to check with merchants for PvE Combat Boost Tickets. These can give you a big boost to XP generation. Make sure to check you’re buying the one for combat XP.  You will find these at Golden Key vendors under “Miscellaneous Consumables”

Also, there are some pieces of gear that can be bought which will have XP boosts built in, be sure to grab these if you can.

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