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Star Citizen showcases criminal intent, and more Origin Jumpworks

Star Citizen

Another day, more news for Star Citizen fans coming out of CitizenCon 2019 and the deluge of Star Citizen news. This time, we’re back with another fun segment featuring CIG’s pisstake of Jeremy Clarkson, the iconic Top Gear personality, with Jax McCleary. Just like the lighthearted showcasing of other ship makers like Drake, and their sleek new Kraken Privateer Carrier, we’re getting a peek at some other ships in the Star Citizen universe. First we got snippets for other companies like Anvil Aerospace. This time it’s Origin Jumpworks’ turn.

Origin Jumpworks creates classes of ships tailored to one thing, looking very cool. And not just because they’re in the cold vacuum of space. The 300 lines offer unique and powerful options ranging from exploration to light fighter combat, but that’s just the beginning of Origins offerings. The 600 series offers a major upgrade in every way. Not only do these craft look incredible, they’re perfectly tailored to exploration while being as luxurious as possible. The final set of specialized craft from Origin are 85X, a luxury and sporty short-range transport. The 890 Jump, the biggest craft offered by the manufacturer. And finally the M50 racing vehicle.


All of these craft will be available for free flight today as part of the ongoing free trial period for all players. This was kicked off to celebrate CitizenCon 2019, and all the new announcements CIG had for fans this past week.  You should take a look at the brand new “Theatres of War” Battlefield-like gameplay mode, if shooting everything in sight is more your style.

But be careful though, as another snippet of gameplay from the convention showcased how law and order will work in a chaotic galaxy.

Coming soon, starting with the first jail in update 3.9 (coming around March 2020), there will be work done to accommodate a full crime and punishment system in Star Citizen. These new gameplay additions will pair with specialized ships, like the Avenger class from Aegis, which is even equipped with prison cells for transporting captured bounty targets. Of course, system-wide police forces will exist in the game, so pirates and other ne’er-do-wells beware.

The other major announcements for the day concern plans for adding more and more ships to the already impressive starship roster in the game. You can find the full talk about future plans below. The developer is working on some very early ship concepts for new craft like a new mining vehicle, a multicrew Xian cargo ship, a Tevarin light fighter, and a starter refinery ship.

$250,307,580 has currently been raised by CIG to support the game, as of writing. This meteoric rise in support is thanks in part to new methods of monetization by CIG, like selling planetary land claims for real cash.

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