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How to equip blessings in Bless Unleashed

How to equip blessings in Bless Unleashed

The blessings in Bless Unleashed are vital to getting through the game. The player will need to use them to get ahead and take on tougher enemies. You will need lots of them to get into and overcome tougher fights.

Blessings grant unique skills and buffs that your character can unlock to be more effective in combat. You can access the blessings tab under skills on the “Main Menu”. That way you can check what options you have. Feel free to mess around and see what impact these skills have. Find a playstyle that works for you.

How to equip blessings in Bless Unleashed

These unique skills are locked behind story progression at first. You need to complete a quest called Blessing of the Wolf that will involve taking on bosses to earn some new Blessings. Once you do that, you will need to head to the nearest Altar of Physera to equip the new Blessings. This will then allow you to put points into them to get more pwoer.

How can I obtain Blessings?

Certain blessings in Bless Unleashed unlock through story progress, like Crescent Moon. Various Blessings are unlocked via Memory Fragments attached to the skill. Once you get the Memory Fragment, it should trigger a quest to unlock the full Blessing as a questline. After completing the quest and collecting all the components, you need to head to the nearest “Altar of Physera” to unlock that option.

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You can get Memory Fragments by defeating field bosses, completing dungeons, and achieving a certain level of reputation with the factions in-game.

What do Blessings in Bless Unleashed do?

Each of the Blessings is basically a skill tree. As you gain more abilities you will unlock Skill Points that can be spent within these trees. Skill Points spent in this tree will apply passively once all skills are unlocked, even if the Blessing is no longer equipped. Each blessing offers a different skillset and playstyle attached, so feel free to experiment.

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